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Perfecto Tool & Engineering was founded in 1955 by Paul J. Skaggs.  In the beginning, Perfecto served the die casting industry by building shot end replacement parts, die-cast dies, and rebuilding die cast machines.  Since our beginning, we have undergone five-building expansions and the continuous addition of cutting-edge technology and equipment.

As Perfecto has grown, we have evolved to provide a variety of services to our customers including details, special machines, and engineering services. We have built a team of highly qualified individuals with a focus on growth.

Through our Core Values and Core Purpose, we strive to provide a superior customer experience through integrity, learning, and stewardship.

Perfecto Tool & Engineering is ISO 9001 Certified.



Customer Experience | Deliver Our Passion Through Service 

Our passion is to create solutions for our customers.  The quality of our work and our unparalleled service, exceed the expectations of our customers to build lifelong trust in our relationships with partners.  Our customers are an extension of our team through creative collaboration and a relentless pursuit to deliver solutions. Together we create the Perfecto Experience.


Integrity | Driven by Principles

We are committed to our principles. This is illustrated by our sincere, honest, and respectful communication. Through the quality of craftsmanship in the products we create, we are wholly accountable for every decision made and action performed at Perfecto.


Learning | Think, Act, Reflect (TAR): Make it Stick

At Perfecto, we take pride in learning.  We do so through a process known as TAR (Think, Act, Reflect).  We embrace technology to learn new ways to improve ourselves and the products we create.  We seek to share our knowledge and experiences with others.  We take time to choose the appropriate solution and reflect upon results; TAR we make learning stick!

Stewardship | Shepherd the Legacy

We did not breathe life into Perfecto; with our care, Perfecto will be hereafter our limited time has passed.  While honoring those who mentored and inspired us, we know Perfecto is greater than any individual.  As good stewards, we care wisely for each other and our resources.  Caring for one another by helping out, listening and teaching strengthen the Perfecto family.  We live our Purpose and share our Core Values to expand our legacy.


Perfecto Quality Policy

Perfecto Tool and Engineering is committed to serving our partners by manufacturing innovative solutions with precision craftsmanship. We will ensure success through the adherence to an effective quality management system based on continual improvement and customer satisfaction. In pursuit of this, we are dedicated to the following Core Values:

  • Customer Experience - Deliver our Passion through Service

  • Integrity - Driven by Principles

  • Learning - Think, Act, Reflect: Make it Stick

  • Stewardship - Shepherd the Legacy

Perfecto Tool & Engineering is ISO 9001 Certified. (DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE)

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